From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 11/24/97

>I am wondering if there is an offline area editor
>that has no set syntax (no set flags or read/write_syntax).
>I have looked, but I cant find one.

As in, it doesn't have a set 'format' for the data files?  I BELIEVE that
dikued is like that, but you have to hard code in the format.

>If there are no such editor, would anyone be interested
>in using one, if I made it ?
>I will do it, if enough ppl write me and tell me Im a
>wonderful person =)
>No seriously tho, I wont spend the time writing one and
>then find out noone wants to use it.

I like the idea.  In fact, I had thought of making one, and here are the
ideas that I came up with:

Modular design, so that you can edit ANY kind of file, not just .wld,
.obj, .zon, and .shp, but .gld (guilds) and others if you make them.
A system where you load the 'world stats' in, and that determins how
files are formatted.  So say here is an example of a simple file (not
even a real one)

$FILETYPE: Thought
!D:Player(I) OR Direction(8)!
#First Thought
#Mob Originated
!N:Vnum! !N:Power!

Ok, just a quick translation of my ideas:

Number value, named Vnum
Flags (either # or ascii-flags) named ThoughtFlags (defined later, with a
# in front of the name meaning non-choosable)
!D:Player(I) OR Direction(8)!
Data type (like in .wld direction or Edesc data) either an infinit number
of player data types or up to 8 direction data types.

Just a few thoughts.  This allows each MUD to have their own 'data files'
for editting.  Just a simple way to make one program do everything.

A few requests: If you do make it anything like I suggested, PLEASE make
the source code available, so that it an be ported to any computer

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