Re: Individual Objects saving?

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 11/28/97

>         Is there already existing code out there for letting objects save
> as individual objects instead of  just a vnum, and position?   Otherwise,
> I'll  just have to write it, but I hate re-inventing the wheel,even if it
> would only  take me a few hours.
        Actually,before I re-invent the wheel, i'd  like to hear some
suggestions about this type of object saving.

        First, (and meaning no offense to JE), is it my imagination, or
does most of the objsave.c code simply multiple levels of patches?  I'm
having trouble following the tangled skein of function calls without a
large printout and multi-colored highlighters.  It would  really help me
if anyone who understands its logic would draw me out some sort of flow
        Aside from that, I've already decided to rewrite large pieces of
it, and since I'll want to make it as usable as possible to everyone else
out there, I'd like to ask some questions:

        How many people use the rent? It may be standard on many
older muds, but i've not seen it in effect in a quick sampling of 10-12
muds out there.  I don't really like having it in there in the first
place, but it wouldn't be too much extra work to modularize it.

        How many people use the personal houses?

        I prefer ascii files because I can quickly check errors - because
I'm lazy, they usually stay that way.   Not to reopen an old binary vs.
ascii file thing,  but since its easiest to save objects as they are in
the obj file, wouldn't this be the better choice?

        Any other ideas on objects saving?


BTW, Anyone try the board code off of George's website?  I've not heard of
any problems yet, but since my mud isn't open yet, there's not alot of
chance to test it. Feedback  is welcome.

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