Re: Something about spells

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 11/29/97

>Create a tree in the code. This tree will list all spells as branches on the
>tree and thereby allow you to easily determine the prereqs for the spell,
>or the bad affects if they don't have the prereqs.
>This also allows you to merely draw the tree, with the leaf objects that
>the player 'knows' when they type allspells or whatever.
>I'm using something similar for skills, but not for spells, as I don't have
>magic on my mud...

This is interesting, but can create problems.  What if a spell requires 2
pre-requisites, some that are from other 'branches'?  It gets rather
complex.  The system I have heard of uses an addition to the spell_info
defines (spello()'s) where you can have up to a certain number of
'pre-requisites' as defined by skill nums.  So, if your Fireball spell
requires Resist Fire spell and Fire Element skill, you would have
SPELL_RESIST_FIRE and SKILL_FIRE_ELEMENT in the pre-requisites.  You will
have to write it yourself, as I jave not done it...yet, but you see how
it works.

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