Re: [CODE] Corpse Retrieval

From: peter hartman (wart@KUNTRYNET.COM)
Date: 03/24/98

  What I and a fellow coder have done is implement an object owner system.
A quick grep of our code shows that we added:

obj_flags.owner (long owner)
#define GET_OBJ_OWNER(obj)   ((obj)->obj_flags.owner)

And then in your various do_get and other fun commands add a check:
if (GET_OBJ_OWNER(obj) != GET_IDNUM(ch)) send_to_char("no.\r\n");

This can be kind of tricky, but it works.  You'll also want to look at
objsave.c, act.item.c, and maybe even fight.c

I can help you out more if you need.

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 -- Laurie Anderson
On Tue, 24 Mar 1998, Clark Kent wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>     Well I've been thinking about how to code this for awhile, but got lost on one
> part. I've implemented a corpse retrieval system that sends newbie corpses to a
> certain room so they can get their stuff back. I want to make it so only they can
> get the stuff from the corpse, but have no idea how to make it so the corpse
> belongs to the person who died. I'm also trying to make a system for clan eq so
> that clans can have their own eq that they purchase from gods who create the eq for
> them. Has anyone been succesful with this? I'm using the clan code from the
> CircleMUD Code Snippets page. If someone culd help me with either of these
> problems, I'd appreciate it =).
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