[code] vt100/ansi definitions

From: peter hartman (wart@KUNTRYNET.COM)
Date: 03/24/98

Greetings and Salutations:
  I've been recently pondering the idea of enhancing the prompt.
Eseentialy, I kno wthat with vt100 emulation you can 'window' your screen.
In essence, what I mean is that I've seen programs that will allow you to
have maybe a line or two of constant data (the prompt) and then the rest
of the screen being the window of action.  That would save a lot of
repetitive sends, since the prompt would be more or less constant on the
bottom of teh screen.  In order to implement this idea, I was wondering if
anyone had a resource on vt100/ANSI definitions and control codes?  Or,
has anyone implemented this idea before?  I'll keep digging around on the
net, but any help would be appreciated.


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 -- Laurie Anderson

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