[CODE] Corpse Retrieval

From: Clark Kent (chewie@T-LINK.NET)
Date: 03/24/98

Hi everyone,

    Well I've been thinking about how to code this for awhile, but got lost on one
part. I've implemented a corpse retrieval system that sends newbie corpses to a
certain room so they can get their stuff back. I want to make it so only they can
get the stuff from the corpse, but have no idea how to make it so the corpse
belongs to the person who died. I'm also trying to make a system for clan eq so
that clans can have their own eq that they purchase from gods who create the eq for
them. Has anyone been succesful with this? I'm using the clan code from the
CircleMUD Code Snippets page. If someone culd help me with either of these
problems, I'd appreciate it =).

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