Re: Guilds vs. Classes

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 03/25/98

One way to limit this is to have it that when using a skill belonging to
a class other than their current one, their chance for success is cut in
half, so if a char was originally a thief and had learned sneak up to
80% and then becomes a warrior, if he attempts to sneak, he only has a
40% chance of success.

Perhaps even more interesting, each time they change guilds, their
skill levels in all other skill sets is reduced by 20% (to a min. of
0%).  So, if a warrior learns all his skills up to 100%, then becomes
a thief, his warrior skills go down to 80%.  If he then learns all his
thief skills to 100%, then becomes a cleric, his warrior skills go down
to 60% and his thief skills to 80%.  This would simulate the fact that
as he learns new skills, he tends to forget, or get out of practice
with, his old skills.  The more new stuff he learns, the more he forgets
the old stuff - the old noggin can only retain just so much information
To make this really interesting, have the amount the char loses per
guild switch be related to intelligence (say, 30 - GET_INT(ch) lost
per switch, or some such).

And you might have additional modifiers based on race, if you have

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>From:  Allan Rolf Gortemaker[SMTP:umgortem@CC.UMANITOBA.CA]
>Sent:  Wednesday, March 25, 1998 1:50 PM
>Subject:       Re:  Guilds vs. Classes
>> Here's the functions I want to put in:
>> A player joins the Cleric guild, and learns cure light and bless, for
>> example.  They decide that this isn't the guild for them, and so they
>> leave it, becoming classless.  They decide that being a warrior would be
>> better for them, so they go join that guild, and they keep all the skills
>> and spells from before.  So now they're a warrior who can cast cure light
>> and bless.  See what I'm saying?  They would still have to progressively
>> level in their class to gain skills.  For example.
>Not a bad idea except for the fact that eventually you will have characters
>walking around that can cast all cleric/mage spells and use all thief/warrior
>skills and anything else if you have more classes.  When was the last time
>saw a top level Warrior/Thief/Mage/Cleric.  Talk about multiclass.
>You would have to add some other code to prevent this.  Or something such as
>the players class is currently a warrior, then he would slowly lose his mage,
>cleric spells and thief skills.
>Just a thought
>Allan Gortemaker

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