Guilds vs. Classes

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 03/25/98

Well, the storyline I'm trying to base my MUD on would suggest using
joinable/leaveable guilds rather than picking a class and sticking with it
to the end.

I'd rather take a look at somebody else's code for this if it is completed
and has been released.  Otherwise I'll start writing it, and, as usual
I'll release it when I'm done.  :)  (I love releasing code!)

Here's the functions I want to put in:
A player joins the Cleric guild, and learns cure light and bless, for
example.  They decide that this isn't the guild for them, and so they
leave it, becoming classless.  They decide that being a warrior would be
better for them, so they go join that guild, and they keep all the skills
and spells from before.  So now they're a warrior who can cast cure light
and bless.  See what I'm saying?  They would still have to progressively
level in their class to gain skills.  For example.

(using some spare ints)
int guild1;
int guild1lvl;
int guild2;
int guild2lvl;
int guild3;
int guild3lvl;
(this could probably be done in an array, but I'm not that good, yet.)

As they create a character, they're guild1, 2, and 3 are set to
CLASS_UNDEFINED or whatever.
They join the cleric guild, and guild1 is assigned to CLASS_CLERIC.  They
might be level 2 at the time tho.  When they join a guild, they're guild
level (first join, guild1lvl) is set to 1.  As they advance, it runs this:

  if (GET_GUILD3(vict) != CLASS_UNDEFINED) {
    guild3lvl = guild3lvl + levelgain;
  } else if (GET_GUILD2(vict) != CLASS_UNDEFINED) {
    guild2lvl = guild2lvl + levelgain;
  } else if (GET_GUILD1(vict) != CLASS_UNDEFINED) {
    guild1lvl = guild1lvl + levelgain;
  } else {
    send_to_char("You are leveling before selecting a guild!  Odd.\r\n", ch);

I hope this doesn't seem rambly.  Anyway, the joining and leaving guilds
part confuses me.  And I guess I'd have to use an int or something to
define them as classless, so they don't gain levels in a guild they have

Any help and ideas are appreciated,

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