Re: ascii pfiles v2.0

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 03/25/98

> > Plus, I'd hate to screw up every player file if I did something wrong with
> > mail.
> I htink you're misunderstanding what I mean by one file.  I'm not going to
> use a single pfile to hold every player.  Each player will have a seperate
> pfile.  What I'm considering is putting all player information in their
> pfile, as opposed to making sperate mail and rent files, etc.
        Badly worded by me - implying that if I make a fatal change in
mail, which causes some unforseen corruption, that the corruption would
apply to the rest of an individuals file, and since any individual may
have mail, it may affect all players. Otherwise, everyone just looses
mail, which may be bad, but not soooo terribly bad.

> > Are there any distinct advantages to having it all in a single file?
> Fewer files/inodes.  It may not be a big deal for most people, but on a
> big mud it may mean a signifigant difference in disk space.  Some people
> also feel it's easier to edit a player when you don't have to skip around
> the directory tree loading up multiple files.

        I was curious, and don't have the time to look through the code
right now so maybe someone can answer me this...

        I know on an older circle 2.2 derivitave that canteens and other
liquid bearing containers had a wierd sort of bug - each drink subtracted
weight from the total weight of the canteen.  If you edited the canteen
and made its size smaller, the weight of a single drink would still stay
the same - you could end up with a canteen with negative weight...

        How does current day circle handle drink containers becoming
lighter as their contents lessen?


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