Re: Needful things?

From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 04/02/98

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Patrick J. Dughi wrote:

>         Either way, the neat ideas are quashed because of their
> non-portability/effort required.  I know that new features, new functions
> are not the goal of the most current version of circle, so I wouldn't
> expect to see it soon, but it would be nice to have something like races

I like this "feature" of the CircleMUD codebase. It allows those of us who
want an exceptional MUD to put in the extra effort so that we can distance
ourselves from the ZipMUD syndrome.

I really would hate to lose a potentially excellent player or staff-member
because they hear the word "Circle" and have to been to the oh-so-many
CircleMUDs out there that are horrible.

I can see the argument of "If it were easier to make them better, then
CircleMUD would be more attractive as a whole because more CircleMUDs
would be higher in quality." It's a good argument, but I'm kind of old
fashioned in thinking that if you want something that is exceptional in
quality, then the amount of effort you put into it should be exceptional
as well.

It was quite hard for me to add in mob classes and races, but I put forth
the effort, so to have a mobile cast spells as if he were a mage, all the
creator has to do is set the class to Mage instead of None. Same thing
goes for Monk, Knight, Cleric, Warrior and all the rest of the classes
that I have.

Hell... I worked on the code for over a year (ok, ok... It was 54 weeks)
before I even STARTED looking for creators. That way all of the features
that I wanted in the code, would be in the code when the creators arrived.
I've seen one too many people do:

gunzip circle30bpl11.tar.gz
tar xf circle30bpl11.tar
cd circle30bpl11
cd src
make all
cd ..
rtin [cross-post ad about "a hot new mud" looking for creators]
pine [email all mailing lists about the same "hot new mud"]

It's quite disgusting to see things like this, but fortunately it's quite
possible to discover that these MUD's are ZipMUDs and nothing more.

John Evans <>  --

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
--Arthur C. Clarke

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