Re: Needful things?

From: Franco Gasperino (awe@CET.COM)
Date: 04/02/98

  I believe that is why c++ and other object oriented languages were
created. Making a stock base then expanding upon it through simple
polymorphism is something that would help in this area greatly. However,
"template" support for these ideas you talk about is relatively ackward
to develop in C, not to mention instance and function naming. Encapsulation
is your friend, and if there were a group that decided to rewrite circle
in a more object-oriented manner, im sure you would see your vision
become a reality.

    Franco Gasperino
    Cutting Edge Communications
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From:   Patrick J. Dughi [SMTP:dughi@IMAXX.NET]
Sent:   Thursday, April 02, 1998 11:39 AM
Subject:          Needful things?

        I realize that circle is a very open ended-base, and that much of
it flourishes on the fact that it _is_ so open.  However, every time I
think of a really neat expandable idea, I'm upset by the fact that there
are certain things missing from stock code... For example, without using a
patch, there's no way to differentiate damage from a fireball, from that
of a cone of cold, from that of a magic missile.  Since diku (and circle
by implication) follow the TSR defined world, I was upset to see that if I
wanted to add a "ring of fire resistance" I would have to either do some
special case coding, or take a bit of time and convert everything.

        Races too are an issue, and the general stance is "Do it
yourself".  Now, to make a sword of dragon slaying, or a trident of sea
command or something of the like, again, special case coding, or a large
re-write for a nice general version.

        Either way, the neat ideas are quashed because of their
non-portability/effort required.  I know that new features, new functions
are not the goal of the most current version of circle, so I wouldn't
expect to see it soon, but it would be nice to have something like races
(which just about every mud has - even if the players don't have the
choice, there are usually more than one type of mob race) set up in the
same manner as skills are - simply write the definition for a new one, and
slap it in.

        There are quite a few things that I don't see in stock code, but
that every mud has - of course, they all have incompatiable types.
Shouldn't it be possible to add these things in, without specifying that
one must use them? Modularize something and then proffer a default choice?
(ie. modularize races, and offer human/undifferentiated as the only choice
with stock code..functionally identical to current stock)

        Is there a way to get these 'needful' things out there?

                Discussion please..


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