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From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 04/09/98

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Jared Buckley wrote:

>         I was wondering what quick and easy implementor tricks
> everyone uses to add a little flavor to their mud.  For instance,
> as an incentive to venture into the world, guildmasters can only
> train upto a certain level, after which the player has to go looking
> for the next one to help him along.  It was easy to implement too.
> Simply add a check to the "guild" special proc that compares the
> level of the mob to the player.  If the player is a higher level
> than the master, then the player must find someone else to help.

For trainers, they can only train skills up to a certain percentage.
After that the skill must improve through use. Some skills can only be
practiced at a master trainer and those masters are hard to get to. Some
of them require a group to get to because of the hazards between the
nearest town and the trainer.

Other things that we have done is work up a viable history of the world,
and each area. There is a reason that each zone exists. The stuff didn't
just pop up out of nowhere. That helps mold the world and make people
realize that they are adventuring in a working, living world, not just a MUD.

We have also done many things for creating a mythos just like the Greeks,
Romans and other ancient cultures have.

Make it realistic, and keep the differences between reality and realism
distinct. You will never be able to duplicate reality... never. But you
can fill the game with realism and fun.

>         What other tricks/ideas are out there?
>         (Also as an aside, what sort of things do people use CHA for?)

I made it affect shop prices. Higher CHA people pay less for items, and
get more when they sell. I also made it affect how many people could
follow that person. That includes PCs and NPCs.

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