Quick and Easy Imp Tricks

From: Jared Buckley (jaredb@TI.COM)
Date: 04/09/98

Hey all,

        I was wondering what quick and easy implementor tricks
everyone uses to add a little flavor to their mud.  For instance,
as an incentive to venture into the world, guildmasters can only
train upto a certain level, after which the player has to go looking
for the next one to help him along.  It was easy to implement too.
Simply add a check to the "guild" special proc that compares the
level of the mob to the player.  If the player is a higher level
than the master, then the player must find someone else to help.

        I also have another mob that creates mobs.  I tied the rate
of creation to the CON of the mob.  Higher con = make mobs faster;
lower = slower.  The nice thing about both tricks is that they're
easy to tune in real time with a set command.

        What other tricks/ideas are out there?
        (Also as an aside, what sort of things do people use CHA for?)


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