[CODE] Adam Beytin's Ripcount Code

From: Kevin (geosly@DCN.DAVIS.CA.US)
Date: 04/17/98

  Recently I E-mailed Adam about an error in his code. He quickly fixed it
and asked me to send this message to the list for him:

Previously, I was a member of the list but had to unsubscribe due to the
volume of mail I was receiving and added external stresses on life that
caused me to relax my mudding for a while.
While I was on the list, I sent out a patch, called "ripcount," that
allowed you to keep track of how many mobs and chars died.  Every once in
a while I've received messages (I'm assuming from people that do not have
a high level of experience, as they usually say themselves, and it is not
a tough fix) that say that, when they compiled, top_of_mobt and mob_proto
were undeclared in comm.c.  There are a couple of possible reasons I can
think of why this happens, but they don't really matter, and they are both
products of my own stupidity :).  I'm assuming Alex is still maintaining
the list and the patch site and I'm hoping that you, or whoever is doing
that job, is willing to take the small amount of time required to add a
couple lines to that file.  Or, at least to the message in the archives,
so that people need not have this problem in the future.  They should be
as follows, at the beginning of the comm.c file entry:

/* externs */
...(your external declarations)
extern int top_of_mobt;
extern struct char_data *mob_proto;

Thanks, and my apologies for the mistake,

Brought to you via: Kevin Patterson

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