Re: [CODE] Marriage (HELP!)

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 04/18/98

I am thinking of a similar system for my clans, but more along the
theoretical lines of allowing multiple people to modify the same file
regardless of their login times. (Clan bank accounts, Clan member
listings, clan dues, etc)

The easiest way I could figure out to do this was a sep file, that all of
them access.  Now I havent finished it yet, but I am going to use an ascii
format (a bit tricker to code, but easier to troubleshoot).

I would suggest one file for everyone, and just have different entries
(keyed by their last name maybe?) or do a search on 2 idnum fields maybe..

> withdraws, money is taken from the offline wife's.  So is there a way to
> get information on an offline character from their ID_NUM?  If not, what
> would be a better way...?

Maybe it will get you thinking in a different direction :)

Ghost Shaidan

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