Re: Blood left behind

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/20/98

> > Want to add blood left behind from kills to rooms? Try this:
> I wanted to do something like this, but with wounded mobs and PCs...
> How would the easiest way to do it so you leave a trail of blood behind
> you? Either pointing in the direction the mob/PC went or with some way to
> know which way was it.
        Depends on how much effort you want to put into it.

  1) simple way - add a blood variable to each door, and within your
movement functions, if the character is wounded do something like setting
the door[dir].blood variable to the 'dir' of the room last in.. (0-5
right? 6 directions.. might be different on your mud if you added
nw,ne,sw,se, or others..).

        In anycase, after this bit, you'll have enough to alter your look
functions (look_at_room, or direction based 'look') to read out "A trail
going north to south" or something of that type.  Of course, you could
also just let that blood variable be only accessable by people with say,
track or certain classes, of course, its your call.

   2) Harder way - well, you're going to want to save the vnum of a
mob/idnum of a char, figure out a way to discern which is which, and when
someone uses 'track' it will only operate on whether or not there is blood
to track... this would probably be best for races with scent detection and
other sorts of abilities.

> Also, while we're at it... How to leave a specific blood trail depending
> on race (er, color or consistency) without using objects? (like the above
> snippet, which didn't mess with temporary objects or descriptions).
        Without objects.. make the blood a structure instead of a simple
integer in the door struct.. put anything you want in it..

blood_structure {
  int ammount;
  int direction_from;
  int race_from;
  int vnum;
  int age;
  struct char_data *bleeder;
  char mothers_maiden_name[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];
  bool number_of_women_worth_trusting_in_the_world;


> Just wondering how to implement a pseudo track skill for, say, werewolves
> or vampires (I have never implemented these, but like to think how to
> expand on ideas). The first would use something akin to smell to track,
> while the second would have huge knowledge over blood and would know blood
> types and such from looking at it.

        See above :)

        Oh, and not bad ideas at all. Makes me think of writing a few of
them up cause they're fun 20 minutes max jobbies.


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