Re: [Newbie] Compile errors

From: JWoodsIII (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 04/20/98

In a message dated 98-04-19 23:26:20 EDT, you write:

<< The line indicated should be two lines, i.e.:

        SEND_TO_Q(MENU, d);
        STATE(d) = CON_MENU;

  dak? you there dak? I think this is your department.

It IS two e-mail messed it up. Could it be the 0 that is stuck in
there somewhere? Here it is again...
*snip (line 1684 is the third one)*
    } else {
      SEND_TO_Q("\r\nCharacter not deleted.\r\n", d);
      SEND_TO_Q(MENU, d);0
      STATE(d) = CON_MENU;
See the 0 on the third line? Well, I took that out and THAT part worked fine,
but then I got two new compile errors! Here they are.

 cl -c /nologo /I. /IC:\VCpp5pro\INCLUDE random.c
 set lib=C:\VCpp5pro\LIB
 link /OUT:circle.exe /nologo /subsystem:console comm.obj act.comm.obj
act.informative.obj act.movement.obj act.item.obj  act.offensive.obj
act.other.obj act.wizard.obj ban.obj boards.obj  castle.obj
class.obj config.obj constants.obj
 db.obj fight.obj graph.obj handler.obj  house.obj interpreter.obj limits.obj
magic.obj mail.obj mobact.obj modify.obj  objsave.obj olc.obj shop.obj
spec_assign.obj spec_procs.obj spell_parser.obj  spells.obj utils.obj
weather.obj random.obj wsock32
LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file "wsock32.lib"
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'D:\DEVSTUDIO\VC\BIN\link.exe' : return code '0x49'
Error executing NMAKE.

Makefile.exe - 2 error(s), 3 warning(s)

I didn't do a complete installation of VC++ 5.0...could it be on the CD? What
do I do about this? And what's the second one mean? :-/


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