Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE] Printing brief room desc when enter key hit

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/20/98

> SO, (sorry for being so wordy) what would be the best way to work around
> this so that, when the user hits ENTER at the command prompt, the game
> does look_in_room WITHOUT printing the long room desc? Probably the safest
> way (to keep other code from breaking/misbehaving) that I can think of is
> to make a copy of look_in_room, rename the copy, and take out the first
> condition in the if() statement above (then have command_interpreter()
> call the new function). Does this sound like the best way to go, or is
> there a better way? Thanks!

        I'd have to say the easiest way would be to do what you said, make
another copy oif look_at_room, and just call that at the return, or simply
add an argument to the look_at_room() function and make it be like 0 in
all cases, except where you hit return, and then make it 1 - operate
everyhing with the long desc on the IS_FLAGGED(PLR_BRIEF) or whatever..

> Is there some sort of doc/FAQ that I can read to find out more about the
> current organization of the CircleMUD code?

        Could use the xref thing jeremy has set up on the circle page
which shows you which functions call eachother..otherwise, a good way is
to make mainly cosmetic changes around in the code - grep for where it
says something like "you smash the orc with your hammer of death" and
figure out how it gets that. If you already know c, about a day of this,
and you can say you 'know' pretty well how circle works.  The command
interpreter and the flags are a good place to start, IMHO.

> I don't see how it would be very obvious, unless you already know what
> you're looking for (which I didn't). Perhaps you'd like to write some docs
> on it if there aren't any already? ;)

        You're right. I just didn't think about it - its a quick thing to
do with code, if you've had a bit of experience with it. Sorry to bite
your head off - i've been cranky after something with women went arwy.
You sound like you got it all though.

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