Re: Suggestions to keep spam to a minimum... <Pine.GSO.3.96.980420230344.16645F-100000@homebase>

From: Leif Bogwald (BOGWALDL@MALA.BC.CA)
Date: 04/21/98

> NOTE: I just got on this Emailing List about 3 days ago. In that time,
> I've received damn near 200 (repeat, TWO-HUNDRED!!!) Email messages from
> this list alone. Since I'm a newbie to the list, I feel that I shouldn't
> bother with this email, but since I hate being spammed but do want to be
> on the on....

There is not usually that much volume on the list compared to the last couple
of days.  Usually it is around 40-50 emails per day, which is not very bad.
You're basing your entire email on the three days that you have been on
here, which isn't very long to make such a complaint.  This should actually be
a good sign, as this means that the list is more active, and hopefully more
meaningful discussions are taking place (such as the CircleMUD Design


> First of all, If someone mails the list with a question, and you decide to
> answer that question, ask yourself this question:
> Will anyone else on the list _really_ be interested in what I'm emailing
> this person about? Is it completely necessary that I mail the list? Is it
> something that should be or needs to be put on the list?
> If not, then Email JUST THAT PERSON, not the ENTIRE F*CKING LIST!!!

Is there any real point in cussing for no reason?  All it makes people do is
lower their view of yourself.  I don't think many people really view that as
much different than not putting the * in there.


> Finally, if it is something pointless, don't send it to the list....
> In my honest opinion, this email was not pointless. However, if I see more
> than one or two replies to this Email that are actually SENT TO THE LIST
> ITSELF saying "that's a good idea, you should abide by it", I may kill
> some people, starting with whomever started the whole Quinn Thread, and
> the whole CircleMUD Design thread, as both have been going on for too many
> emails, and neither I am interested in.

The Quinn thread started out fine, as it was informative to newbies on the
list, but has lasted much too long.  As for the CircleMUD Design thread, you
should really think about what you're saying there.  You state you are not
interested in it, so we shouldn't discuss it even though it will have a good
bearing of what directions CircleMUD will be taking as it moves on and
upgrades itself.  Just because you don't want to read it, doesn't mean that
a lot of other people don't want to read it, and surely doesn't mean that
it isn't completely relevant to the future well-being of CircleMUD.

-- Leif Bogwald

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