Re: Weather zones.

From: James T Browning (jbrownin@LCSC.EDU)
Date: 04/23/98

[stuff chopped off]
>Well, that system's a bit complicated... but you could have temperature
>categories, like [hot, warm, cool, cold], in which the temperature did a
>little random walk.  Then have the categories change regularly based on mud
>Using a six-month system as an example:
>  Month 1: hot
>  Month 2: warm
>  Month 3: cool
>  Month 4: cold
>  Month 5: cool
>  Month 6: warm
>Add some more climatic stuff and have zones start in different categories.
[stuff chopped off]

Instead of having a six month repeating loop maybe you could implement a
loop which would repeat itself every few thousand mud years.  You would want
to set up a algorithm to generate the needed weather at runtime instead of
being set at compile time...  Maybe you could even have the seasons drift so
that in 40,000 mud years March 5 is the warmest day of the year.

Have 336.4975 days per mudyear....

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