Re: Sit on objects.

From: Benjamin Draper (satrycus@DRACHENBURG.DEMON.CO.UK)
Date: 04/29/98

I have some furniture code I've been testing on a couple of MUD's
other than my own. Not being a great coder I was wondering whether
some kind hearted people would mind doing me a favour ;p

The code *DOES* work we've no problems as such, all I need are some
people to check compatibility and rustle up a patch (I'm using WIN95)
and I still haven't found a nice app that will produce a patch. And of
course there's bound to be some things I've overlooked.

Here's what it does so far:

 * Furniture has a minimum character position, i.e. the lowest position
   a character can be at to use the furniture. So for beds it would
   be sleeping, a chair would be sitting.

 * Regen per tick, i.e. a number slung into limits.c to add to the
   hit, mana and move gain.

 * Capacity, i.e. the maximum number of people that can use the said

 * Mob Only/Size value, mob only is for furniture that mobs can use
   (mainly through a zone command). It can be modified for a size check
   if you have size in your MUD.

 * OasisOLC support.

   It's based on bits from the room code, and dak's mount code. But like
   dak's mount code I haven't included any checks to see if a character
   is using furniture during combat, or things like teleport/goto, as
   I've no idea exactly what other room changing things people have.

   If you'd like the code private email me or mail the list with any

-> Ben

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