Re: Sit on objects.

From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 04/29/98

>How would i make it so players could actually "Sit" On a chair or bench.
>and when you typed look it would say something like
>"Bosstone sits here on a chair."
>??? Just think it would be neat.

This is easy.  I did it myself...except my chairs have a few extra
features.  They cast spells on you the longer you sit on them.  :)  Well,
it's pretty simple.  It incolves adding in a structure to both objects
and player to reference each other while they are sitting.  Also, you
need to modify all the position changing code (do_sit needs to be able to
work with or without an argument, do_stand needs to be modified to allow
standing from a chair, all others are needed to have it impossible to do
that position while sitting in a char) Of course, you also need to check
in the extract_char if anyone is sitting.  Can't have a NULL pointer, can
we?  Let's see....what else....Oh yeah, add a change into
act.informative.c where it lists characters and show the character
sitting on the chair.  Pretty simple since the chair itself is referenced
by the character.  Ok, maybe it's not all that simple, but it is fun,
especially for a RP just looks better.

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