Re: [CODE] sit on objects

From: Benjamin Draper (satrycus@DRACHENBURG.DEMON.CO.UK)
Date: 04/30/98

Patrick Dughi wrote:

> You might also want to make sure that when you're playing with that ranged
> weapon patch that you fix the crash bug - something ..let me think...
>         Because the act() calls come after the damage calls, if the
> creature dies from the attack, the act will fire off as act("$N has been
> hit! by a $p", FALSE, ch, missile, vict), and of course, with vict being
> null, you crash or something bad happens.

Ack! I remember that, fixed it.

>         And if you can, you might want to add a #define'able option for an
> auto re-load.. so you don't have to wield a crossbow, and then hold a bolt
> to fire.. instead you 'load' the crossbow/bow etc the first time, maybe,
> and thne have it draw from inventory for the rest?

This is where my quivers come in. If you aren't holding an appropriate
missile do_shoot will check for a quiver with missiles that match
the weapon type. Quivers can also be missile type specific, e.g. arrows
only, or they can be vnum specific. I also have a returning flag that
can be set on the weapon (bow, etc.), the missile, or the quiver. Any
thing fired from a weapon, or taken from a quiver, or a missile with the
flag will automatically return to the firer's grasp.

 The players like it, as they can have their throwing knives hidden away
in boots, and everyone likes their boomerang grenades ;P
 I have something similar for scabbards.

-> Ben

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