Re: More Directions Please [NEWBIE]

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 04/30/98

On 4/30/98 12:22 AM, Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET) stated:

>> -> Are there any plans to add this functionality into the core code?
>> No, because it's not desired by most people, and it's really easy to
>> add for those that do deserve it.  In fact, it makes a pretty good
>> first project for newbie coders.
>What was the latest on the ballots as for voting? I vote for them!

Dak is right, people don't normally want them.  Keep it a patch.  I would
have gutted them.
Vote against.

>> They don't make the world any more realistic.  Most people that have
>They don't? Explain how they dont make the world more realistic?
>Do you always walk N S E W to get where your going?

Well, UP and DOWN always help :-)

If your to add NE, SE, NW, SW, what about NU, SU, EU, WU, ND, SD, ED, WD?
 And what about the other 8 points?  26 exits total...

>> the exits just use them as a way to add more rooms, and completely
>> ignore the fact that in their MUD you can go north then east and end
>> up in a different room than had you gone "ne" in the first place.  And
>> if you did it realistically, there isn't much need for the northeast
>> exit.  Unless you want to restrict your builders to using it
>> sensibly...but then again, builders sometimes make rooms where going
>> north then south puts you in a different room than you started in.
>I guess the fact that it puts 4 more exits into a room (more directions
>more realistic). Also gives you 4 more locations to hide a door. Even if
>you don't FULLY use all the exits. Meaning just use em for hiding doors,
>secret rooms etc.. It enhances the game big time. So what if the
>direction ne gets you to the room that you can go n then e.. To me it
>would save a lot of typing. Again realistic..

He said going north then east NOT bringing you to the same room as
NORTHEAST would.  If you really are up to using them, feel free, nobody
is stopping you.  The majority of us (and I believe I can speak for the
majority on this case, since if everyone wanted it a stock feature, it
would have been long ago!) would rather not.  But I can gaurantee you'll
have builders who fux up frequently, or just plain mis-use them.  Any
skilled builder worth their weight in salt can use the 6 existing exits
properly.  (for example, in one area I built on a different MUD, I had
two exits along the east wall: one for the elevators, and one in the
north-east corner, that led east - however I used the NORTH exit for it
because east was used, and it was north enough in the room to be a valid
"north" exit.  Of course, going back into that room you had to use
"west", but that was OK - anyone who bothered reading the room
descriptions, which always described the exits with highlighted keywords
and had ex-descs about the exits - would understand)

>It seems awful funny that a LOT of people add it to thier mud yet your
>indications make it sound very few want it.

I have seen VERY FEW muds that use them, so thats not a "LOT", and most
of THOSE muds suck bigtime, because they are a total mess.

>*One vote for extra exits*
One vote against.

Hint of advice: don't get cocky on this list when the big guys
(regulars), such as Dak, speak.

- Chris Jacobson

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