Re: More Directions Please [NEWBIE]

From: Tris (tris@REALMS-RPG.DEMON.CO.UK)
Date: 04/30/98

I appreciate all your replies on this!!

> No, because it's not desired by most people, and it's really easy to
> add for those that do deserve it.  In fact, it makes a pretty good
> first project for newbie coders.

With respect how do you know its not required by most people? Although I
agree it will make an excellent first coding xp which I will undertake.
Personally I still think its better to have all exits coded with the option
to exclude should you so choose. The beauty of Circle though is if its not
there then we can code it in! *thanks guys*

> They don't make the world any more realistic.  Most people that have
> the exits just use them as a way to add more rooms, and completely
> ignore the fact that in their MUD you can go north then east and end
> up in a different room than had you gone "ne" in the first place.

I also disagree with this also in that I believe if used correctly they do
make for more realistic worlds, e.g. to get to ne IRL, you don't go n and
then e, you go ne...

At the end of the day I believe its down to personal preference and
experience - if you are raised on 6 exit muds then you will perhaps prefer
this style of mud (etc)..

Anyway I've rattled on enough=)

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