[NEWBIE] Gossip Socials and Aedit

From: Brian (brian@IMI-BOTTLING.COM)
Date: 05/02/98

I took a look at the "Gossip Socials" snippet on the snippet site and tried
to integrate it into my MUD.  The hand-patching directions were perfect, so
I don't think I made any errors entering the code.  However, everytime I
use the syntax "gossip @smile" or any other social, it always tells me
"that is not a social".

I know, RTFC...  I did, but I'm not good enough yet to understand
completely what's going on.  So then, I started thinking about what might
be changed as far as non-stock bpl12 code I have.  I thought about Aedit,
and how it transformed socials from being in interpreter.c, into some other

Then I got to wondering if somehow the gossip socials code will not work
with the way Aedit has changed socials.  This, I'm afraid, is above my
ability to decipher, how to check and see if they can work together.

Before I go posting code (I still want to try this on my own first), I'd
like to know if anyone has both Aedit and the "Gossip Socials" snippet
together on the same MUD.  If so, was there any major modification required
(getting them to work together)?  If there was, I'll probably need more
help... =)

If not, I'll see what I did wrong and try to fix it, but if I can't, THEN
I'll ask for some code help.

 - Brian

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