Re: Stock 'silly' bug & names

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 05/12/98


        Just a quick question regarding the switching into an IMP and other things
like that. Personally, I have switch set up so you can only switch into
"mobs". How is it possible that a player is switching into another player?


        I was just wondering if anyone has ever set it up so a character can have
two names, or a name with a space in it. An example would be "Lord Kyu" and
letting someone be able to do "tell lord kyu hello" or "tell kyu hello" as
well as "tell lord hello". Also, limiting it to 1 space, so a character can
not have a name like "You sense a trail west from here" as a name.... Just
curious. I would like to do this, searching through the code debating on
how I would like to implement it.

- Lord Kyu -

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