Re: [Off-topic]

From: Thomas Smith (ibedemigod@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 05/12/98

>XX(depends on scale system)) But most eq shouldn't have it. Mainly just
>more powerful eq, (top 5-10 levels) and the special eq. I can
understand your
>concern, And I'm just voicing my opinioin.
 Actually on the mud i work on we did something like this.  We made
three level restrictions only. 25th lv, 50th lv, and 75th lv(we have 100
mort levels) These restrictions apply to very powerful and/or unique
items.  This makes it so anyone can use basic eq including +3 items (we
have gone by the old d&d standard of +5 being very very powerful).
This format allows for restrictions but does not imped game playability.


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