From: Axiem (bertelse@SWBELL.NET)
Date: 05/12/98

> I'll spare everyone the talk about why I don't like level restrictions
> like this on objects -- especially on non-weapons.
> -dak

dak, I can understand not liking item restrictions(gets VERY annoying when you
pay a whole lotta money for something you can't wear)

I can't see why all objects should have level restriction, though. Really the
only things I can see are weapons and armor. Max levels absolutely suck.
There's no reason for them, but minlevel is a bit better. It keeps a lvl 1 char
from using the best eq in the game, for one. (Helps eliminate speed levelers).
And really, minlevels should only be on some eq, because it's special. (Aka, a
weapon thhat hits for 3d6+10 and +2 con should have a minlevel of about
XX(depends on scale system)) But most eq shouldn't have it. Mainly just the
more powerful eq, (top 5-10 levels) and the special eq. I can understand your
concern, And I'm just voicing my opinioin.
 - Axiem

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