Re: (CODE) New look_in_direction

From: Mundi King (kingmundi@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 05/13/98

i have not toyed around with this code but offhand,
without delving into it, i believe the look_at_room
function called here in your snippet

>    char_to_room(ch, world[return_room].dir_option[dir]->to_room);
>    look_at_room(ch, 1);
>    char_from_room(ch);
>    char_to_room(ch, return_room);

is the culprit for sending the room title,
look for look_at_room , in act.informative.c

perhaps clone it, rename it to look_at_nextroom
and change the part concerning the room title

or being that i often times do not know what i am
talking about, wait for someone else to back me up
on this
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