Re: A little problem

From: Axiem (bertelse@SWBELL.NET)
Date: 05/14/98

Ryan Stucl wrote:

> I have these 4 new classes i put in
> [P]sionicist
> [N]inja
> [A]ssassin
> [C]yborg
> when i set my class to n (ninja) it goes to assassin!

You know, it's kinda hard to for us to diagnose it if we can't see it.
Before asking this list, try and isolate the code where the problem is,
then send the code to this list, and people can diagnose. Me, I think
that you missed some break statements, or var inits somewhere. None of
the patches on the snippet site truly explain how to add classes, how
why. (That's why we have a word called experiment)
 - Axiem

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