Re: Spells and Races -or- Body Parts patch and a "Newbie MOTD"

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 05/18/98

How about setting an AFF_FLAG called OCTOMORPH or something, and the in
do a check to see if the player is affected by that flag and if so,
X many more hit routines. It would be just like mutiple attacks. Send
respective messages to the room, and the player thinks he has 8 arms and
is attack with each. From the code's point of view, all you do is
X amount of extra attacks. I have up to 5 attacks for PC's in my code,
each one has a less of a chance of suceeding thanthe first. ie I check
attack as GET_SKILL(ch, SKILL_2ATT) > number(1,120), then if that fails,
they get no chance at 3rd, but if 2nd is a success, third is ckecked as
GET_SKILL(ch, SKILL_3ATT) > number(1,150) and so on. Thus would be
in your situation. While 5 attacks is extremely powerful, I have 200
mortal levels and I currently only assign up to 3 attacks to PC's. I
added the extra two for expansion.

In your case with 8, I would code it so that the damage done from each
attack is
bare hand only and not with a weapon. Maybe even hard code the bare hand
damage based on str, level, and dex.

Hope this helps,

Tony Robbins wrote:
> I looked at the body parts documentation and it seemed it was just what
> I wanted.  And, as documented it was, but the patch didn't work.  Of
> course, I decided I should have hand patched it anyway, so I
> hand-patched it in and now I have working race/class/guilds.  The
> relevance of this?  Spells and races.
> Let's say I'm running through the forest and I run into a tree.  Now
> that that's done with, let's say I'm writing a spell that would change
> the players race (thus giving them a polymorph like form--in this case,
> octomorph, eight arms for weapons).  I can't figure out how to make it
> so it will set the _RACE_ and then unaffect it later.  I've been coding
> all day, so I've read plenty of f*cking code (RPOFC?), so something like
> that can be held in.
> ---
> Newbie MOTD:
> o Always pay attention when coding.  Being half asleep and leaving out
> commas can be a pain (especially in constants.c, because it doesn't
> complain in the arrays there).
> o Seek out a helpful person who will help you with your code.  You're
> most likely going to find one in a person that releases code or is
> generally helpful to everyone.
> ---
> I offered up a guilds.patch at some point, but was at work when I
> received the e-mails so I gave up.  I'm willing to hand out the
> "half-done" patch, (I've finished it, but already customized my MUD to
> my storyline, and I hate it when storylines are stolen) which you can
> take as a project and try to manipulate.  There were only a few bugs,
> per se, and some hackish areas.  Anyway, I'm really sleepy, so this is
> probably hardly even readable.  (I think legible is a better word, but,
> then again, I can't remember if it's a real word or not at this point.)
> -B.  (Don't you love the Bullwinkle-and-Rocky-esque subject header?)
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