From: The Merciless lord of Everything (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 05/19/98

> Difficult idea: Have armor (and weapons for opp effects) have flags like
> D_FIRE H_FIRE, HG_FIRE, G_FIRE. (Double fire damage, Half Fire damage,
> Gain half of the damage instead of taking it, and damage from fire heals
> you instead of hurting, respectively.) Then have spells and weapons have
> flags that say what element it is and do stuffs like that. oh, and 75%
> and 25% are applicable too (wait...that sounds like CT)
Uhm, The flag adding shouldn't be so hard, since Stock circle (AFAIR)
only uses one of the 4 available (or is it 5?) VAL's for this. I like
the Idea, I think I'll make it right away, and snippitize it.
Shouldn't take that long. :)

Actually It would conform with what I did to the spell system. Added
a BASE_XXXX thingie, So a spell could be Firebased, Icebased,
Earthbased (don't ask), Deathbased, lifebased, etc.. you get the
point. At the same time, I put in Brew/Scribe for the spells so that
is defined in the SPELLO system if a spell was either BREWABLE,
Scribeable or both.

To add onto the top, I added a "prerequisite" to the spell/skill
system, this means that if you for instance try to practice FIREBALL
but do not have the SKILL_FIRELORE then you are unable to practice
this spell. I know it's not the worlds greatest system, but it works
(Just can't make a spell dependant on having 2 other spells though).

Gosh.. I came offtrack there..  Oh well.. Like your idea.. :)

S. P. Skou
Serces - Ancient of Chaos - 4000 -

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