From: Judson Powers (powers@RJSONLINE.NET)
Date: 05/19/98

On Mon, May 18, 1998 8:33 PM, Axiem <mailto:bertelse@SWBELL.NET> wrote:
>Simple idea: Counter Attack. If you get hit by an enemy, attack it right
>back. Simple.

Yep.  In fact, you usually do this in a combat sequence, since you both
attack in one turn.  Just adds to your attacks sometimes.  Not quite the
same, since combat is faster and less involved.

>Mid-Range idea: Call spells. Aka, a global effect spell that has a
>percentage for success. And the spell names would be the names of
>monsters that could be summoned.

Global effect spells shouldn't be tough -- just run through the list of
everyone in the room who's not in your group, and run a random number check
to see if they get hurt (or whatnot).  If you want to be FF5-like, it would
do damage instead of summoning a monster, but I don't think creating a
charmie would be too tough either.

>Difficult idea: Blue Magic. Basically, if you are 'learning', and someone
>uses a blue magic spell on you, you learn that spell at the end of the
>fight. Or something like that. So now,  they have to face the mob with
>the spell, and wait until they use it, to learn it.

Hmm... I don't quite understand this, but it seems as if when you cast this
spell, you lose knowledge of it and the target gains knowledge of it.  What
happens if you kill your opponent before they cast it back at you?  You'd
also have to put in a little bit of AI to get the mobs to actually use it.
Otherwise, have part of the spell effect be to give yourself 0% skill,
while your opponents gets whatever skill you have.  (Modify to fit your
system.)  Of course, if I remember correctly, FF doesn't have spells, just
objects that let you cast spells...

>Difficult idea: Have armor (and weapons for opp effects) have flags like
>D_FIRE H_FIRE, HG_FIRE, G_FIRE. (Double fire damage, Half Fire damage,
>Gain half of the damage instead of taking it, and damage from fire heals
>you instead of hurting, respectively.) Then have spells and weapons have
>flags that say what element it is and do stuffs like that. oh, and 75%
>and 25% are applicable too (wait...that sounds like CT)
>- Axiem

Here's an idea: Have weapons and spells have typed damage.  Then have mobs,
armor, etc. have a damage coefficient, either a float or a short fixnum,
for each type of damage.  For example, if you had {physical, fire, water,
earth, wind} damage, a fire elemental might have a coefficient set like
{.75, .25, 2, 1.5, 1}.  To add in armor, just multiply together.  The same
fire elemental with a armor with coefficients {2, .5, .5, .5, .5} would end
up with {1.5, .125, 1, .75, .5}.  Then multiply damage by the coefficient
for that type of damage.  :)

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