From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 05/19/98

> >Difficult idea: Blue Magic. Basically, if you are 'learning', and someone
> >uses a blue magic spell on you, you learn that spell at the end of the
> >fight. Or something like that. So now,  they have to face the mob with
> >the spell, and wait until they use it, to learn it.
> Hmm... I don't quite understand this, but it seems as if when you cast this
> spell, you lose knowledge of it and the target gains knowledge of it.  What
[snip] meant you couldn't learn it until a mob used it on you..that
shouldn't be very just have to set it up so that mobs can use
skills, then put a check in the damage function like so:

if ((attack_type < MAX_SKILLS) && !GET_SKILL(ch, attack_type)
  && skill_check(victim, SKILL_LEARN))
  SET_SKILL(victim, attack_type, number(1, GET_LEVEL(victim)));

or something :)


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