Re: [CODE] [REQUEST] Automapper

From: Joe Rykowski, Sysop (cyklop@CW2.COM)
Date: 05/23/98

CI>> I know that auto-mapping code that creates an image such as you
CI>> presented can be done; in fact it can be done in around 400 lines
CI>> of C code (including a wilderness map presentation and a dungeon
CI>> map presentation).

CI>400 more lines the MUD has to go through everytime a 'look' or a step is

Not everytime.. just when the player types the command: map   (or even
'scout' if you wanted to make it more applicable to what is happening..
and then remove a bunch of movement points...)

The fact is, hardcoding maps into the descriptions IS lame... but
definately an option for smaller MUDs.


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