[CODE] [NEWBIE] Autoauction 1.5 probs

From: Jesse Scott (jscott@BMI.NET)
Date: 06/12/98

Hey, it's me again :)  Trying to get back to where my to do list can be
written on one page legibly, anyway, after patch < 'ing in AutoAuction
1.5 ( George's in case there is another... ), and manually putting in
all the .rejs, I am getting the following make file error and I can't
for the life of me figure it out.  I've re-configured a couple of times
and did fix a couple of errorneos characters but I can't find anything
else wrong...anyway, here is the pertinent code etc:


auth:~/mud/circle30bpl12/src$ make
Makefile:197: *** missing separator.  Stop.


195: auction.o: auction.c conf.h sysdep.h structs.h utils.h comm.h
handler.h \
196:  interpreter.h db.h screen.h auction.h
197:        $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) auction.c


194: auction.o: auction.c conf.h sysdep.h structs.h utils.h comm.h
interpreter.h \
195:  handler.h db.h screen.h auction.h
196:        $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) auction.c

Thanks and lots of money* to anyone who enlightens me...(Or at least
thumps me on the head pretty good so that I can see it... :))


*Note, MONEY is an acronym for Mountains Of Never Ending "Yes!"'s, and
not any other silly thing you might think it might mean. :P

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