[CODE] Confusing Problem with New Chars (Feedback Appreciated)

From: Leonard Burns IV (lburns@CLIPPER.NET)
Date: 06/12/98

Ok I've been working on this with another Imp for several hours and
finally got it fixed. I'll explain what happens. Running heavily modded
bpl11, with races, and a stat rolling routine, and other not mentioned

New char logs in normal new char stuff, name, password, confirmation for
password, sex, race, stat rolling, class selection and then you login. I
type score Str, Intel, and Wis are at zero (Only these three), while
Con, Dex, and Cha are at what they should be.

I checked the roll_real_abils func, even replaced it with stock bpl11
code, same thing. so then I made a func to show your stats and stuck
that inbetween everything from the stat rolling on to CON_QMENU and
everything looked fine until "init_char(d);". Then went to void
init_char in db.c and it replaced it with a stock copy. Same thing
happens, zeros out Str, Intel, and Wis.

We proceed to look at the code more and can't figure it out. I figure
what the hell may as well try adding a backup_abils to go along with
real_abils and aff_abils, maybe something is getting screwed up. In
roll_real_abils where they have the "ch->aff_abils = ch->real_abils;", I
added "ch->backup_abils =  ch->real_abils;" and in db.c under init_char
I added a ch->real_abils = ch->backup_abils. Now I logon and everything
works perfectly.

Any ideas on what else modifies these values, or what is happening here?


Leonard Burns IV

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