Re: [EXP GAINS] Follow-up

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 06/11/98

        Is there anything wrong with using an else and having different modifiers
depending on the level area of the character? You could always have one set
of mods for a newbie, and then have another for mid level, and then a last
one for your really high characters. I never liked a formula system for
experience tables personally, though if going to be used, I would probably
either try and if case based on level, or make it so it got the last amount
of experience needed and then upped it by a certain percentage. My two

- Lord Kyu -

> [SNIP]
> What's a good formula to use?
> As it is now, I have to start adding IF/THEN's when they reach certain
> levels it adds more modifiers.
>  - Brian

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