[EXP GAINS] Follow-up

From: Kyle Goodwin (vbmasta@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 06/09/98

Here is another example of the same problem with my code below:

Outside The East Gate Of Midgaard
   You are by two small towers that have been built into the city wall and
connected with a footbridge across the heavy wooden gate.  To the east the
plains stretch out in the distance.
[ Exits: e w ]
An oozing green gelatinous blob is here, sucking in bits of debris.
A beastly fido is mucking through the garbage looking for food here.
A Peacekeeper is standing here, ready to jump in at the first sign of

<14/14H 57/100M 70/84V> cast 'magic missile' blob
You rise 23 levels!
You watch with selfpride as your magic missile hits the green gelatinous

<14/129H 32/306M 70/117V>
The green gelatinous blob crushes you extremely hard.
You are incapacitated an will slowly die, if not aided.

<-5/129H 32/306M 70/117V> cast 'magic missile' blob
You are in a pretty bad shape, unable to do anything!

<-5/129H 32/306M 70/117V>
The green gelatinous blob crushes your entire body, making a terrible mess!
You are dead!  Sorry...


 * This is the exp given to implementors -- it must always be greater
 * than the exp required for immortality, plus at least 20,000 or so.
#define EXP_MAX  99999999

/* Function to return the exp required for each class/level */
int level_exp(int class, int level)
    int modifier, exp, racemod, classmod;

        //TODO: Add race and class modifiers

        if (level > LVL_IMPL || level < 0) {
    log("SYSERR: Requesting exp for invalid level!");
    return 0;

   * Gods have exp close to EXP_MAX.  This statement should never have to
   * changed, regardless of how many mortal or immortal levels exist.

        if (level > LVL_IMMORT)
     return EXP_MAX - ((LVL_IMPL-level) * 1000);

  /* Exp required for normal mortals is below */

  //int modifier, exp;

  if (level < 5)
    modifier = 1;
  else if (level < 10)
    modifier = 1;
  else if (level < 25)
    modifier = 1;
  else if (level < 30)
    modifier = 2;
  else if (level < 35)
    modifier = 2;
  else if (level < 40)
    modifier = 2;
  else if (level < 45)
    modifier = 3;
  else if (level < 50)
    modifier = 3;
  else if (level < 55)
    modifier = 3;
    modifier = 4;

  //Compute race and class modifiers here
  racemod = 0;
  classmod = 0;

  exp = (modifier * 600) + racemod + classmod;
  return exp;

/* I didn't change do_advance so that code is still stock */

Kyle Goodwin

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