From: Pheonix Shadowflame (pheonix@IQ-CORP.COM)
Date: 06/12/98

My pfile has gotten awfully big, 20 megs, 2000 people, and since i've
just shut the mud down for maintanance most of them need to be deleted.
Well purgeplay worked great for me except one thing, I want to have
it move idnums of people down if there's a space avaliable. For example:

Bob's idnum is 514
John's idnum is 515
Ann's idnum is 516
John got deleted
Ann's idnum should become 515.

So there are no idnums without characters. Any ideas how I would go
about doing this? (I'll have to wipe the mail file too but thats no
I'm guessing putting a check if one's idnum - 1 is used by anyone but
then it would move it down one but not down 100 (this is happening a
lot since when I shutdown pretty much only the begining 10 and the
ending 4000 idnums are used. everything in the middle deleted)


Pheonix Shadowflame

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