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From: Eduo (eduo@CIATEQ.MX)
Date: 06/16/98

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Doppleganger Software wrote:

> >Ok, its about time I threw in my .02... First about the heavily modified
> >advertisements.  How many people do you know would advertise their mud as
> >"fresh stock!" ?

> What I am after is not stopping them from saying it, since that is
> impossible, but perhaps a 'verification' system, so that when they say
> it, it's backed up.  Say a verification system.  If you go to this
> organization of coders, and they analyze the MUD and deem it to be
> modified to a value of 7 (out of 10, with 10 being almost unrecognizable

As a comment, for some players a terrifically (that word exists?) good
story, an engaging zone set (or realm, or world) and good gods/imms (that
is, invisible yet guiding and/or intriguing) are as good as a "heavily
modified" mud. I know some things just have to be added to stock, and
others just have to be changed but without a good story there is no
justification behind the mud.

What good is a heavily modified circle with half the zones stock? Good
stories and worlds can be done with the stock circle, is not only code
that can add to a Mud experience, the world has to follow too and it is
the most important thing. I can have the best coders around and yet no
have anyone like my mud (notice I am not talking about quantity of people
entering the mud, I am against this method of measuring the quality of a
mud, as claywar also implied) and have a purely stock code circle but with
a new story (using existing stuff, like the classes and no races and
stuff). A truly ingenious person could come up with a great story and mud
over the stock code.

Changing the stock areas, though, is a must in everything but the training
muds (or the newbie muds used for knowing the code around and such).

> as CircleMUD) by it, they can post on UseNET saying, "We have been rated
> as heavily modified with a vulue of 7/10 by SuchAndSuchOrganization"

Good idea, too bad this is such an objective view. I'd rather like Alex,
Dak or clayway rate my mud (or people's mud), but it is because I like
their views of how it should be. Other people could probably not agree
with me and one of the best muds around, crhis jacobson's one, probably
wouldn't have passed their eye in its first phases.

Its so subjective that you would have to use a very literal checklist
method of evaluating, and this wouldn't be of help (people would just do
anything to have the checklist full, without quality).


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