Re: Addin new places to wear eq

From: Nick Race (astrum@IT.NET.AU)
Date: 06/16/98

At 08:38 16/06/98 -0400, you wrote:
> *  new_wear_bit.txt - olc.h - structs.h -act.item.c                   *
> *                                                                     *
> *  Original Author:  WhiteDemon                                       *
> **********************************************************************/
>Intended addiance: Newbie coders
>What this does: Adds new wearable places on mud

Having done this previously, from my own initiative, I always had a result
that worked, but was less than satisfactory.

If you'll agree with me that the eq list is aesthetically/logically
ordered, with armor, down to weapons and holdables/lights. When I added new
eq wear positions, the new positions were always at the bottom of the list
when people looked at their equipment.  What I wish to know, is there any
way to have new eq wear positions inserted in the middle of this list,
without changing the defines (thus, having to change the entire world
files, so people aren't wearing a helmet around their necks?)


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