Addin new places to wear eq

From: Anthony Rye (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 06/16/98

 *  new_wear_bit.txt - olc.h - structs.h -act.item.c                   *
 *                                                                     *
 *  Original Author:  WhiteDemon                                       *

Intended addiance: Newbie coders
What this does: Adds new wearable places on mud

Disclaimer and junk: I hearby state i am not reasonsable to what this may
      to your mud, if this doesnt work after following this instructions.

*********************W  A  R  N  I  N  G***************************************
            This only works if you have Oasisolc
Step One:
First you need to open the structs.h file in your src directory.
look for this:
#define WEAR_HOLD   17 /* XXXXXXXXXXXX  */ (or what ever number the next
                                                number may be)
#define WEAR_XXXXX XX   (X = whatever place you may want them to be able
                        to wear an item and the number after whatever the
                        last one was)

* Make sure at the end of these defines you go one number higher of your
        last define

Look for this:
#define ITEM_WEAR_HOLD ( and do the same from above)

*****************Now you can close and save this file********************

Step Two:
open your olc.h file located in the src directory also
and look for this line:
#define NUM_ITEM_WEARS  XX (put in the number of the last entry of your
                                structs.h file where we defined ITEM_WEAR)

**********************Now You Can Close and save this file*****************

Step Three:
open your act.item.c file and look for:
void wear_message(struct char_data * ch, struct obj_data * obj, int where)

goto the last message which might be:

        {"$n grabs $p.",
        "You grab $p."} <-----*notice the no comma, Add one along with
                                the rest of your messages. Besure the last
                                 entry doesnt have a comma after the

Step Four:
Look for perform_wear in your act.item.c file
look for this:

        int wear_bitvectors[] = {
        ***Make sure after ITEM_WEAR_HOLD you make the line almost exact
                to what it looked like before you edited*********

Step Five:
 go down to char *already_wearing[] = {
at the end of this add in your already wearing messages

(note: if you want to make it so you wear earing right and left
        Besure you add in a YOU SHOULDNT SEE THIS MESSAGE)

Step Six:
if you have items that are wearable to right and lefts
look for this:

/* for neck, finger, and wrist, try pos 2 if pos 1 is already full */

below that line add in your where =

Step Seven:
Look for: int find_eq_pos(struct char_data * ch,
 below: static char *keyboards[] = {

Add: add in your wear bits at the last lin before:

Note: Besure to add in your !RESERVES! for right and left wearables

Step Eight:
find: if (CAN_WEAR(obj, ITEM_WEAR_WRIST))       where = WEAR_WRIST;

add: Add in your new wearables

*********************CLOSE this file and save******************************

Now all you need to do is compile your mud and cross your fingers for no
errors :P

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