Re: [HELP]Need some definitions

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 06/17/98

> doesn't have a lot of code in it (or didn't in BPL11/12 at least) I came
> across the changes..., a few MASSIVE switch statements for Thac0, levels,
> and saving throws (all times 4 for the stock classes, glad I didn't put in
> To the point of the message..., could someone please tell me exactly what
> all these numbers are used for (good at coding..., not at D&D), and what the
> acceptable values for them are, so that I can spend way more time that it

        First, since it is based on d&d - which is itself based mainly on
a twenty-sided die, where the maxing of levels usually doesn't happen, you
might want to altogether rewrite the system.

        Having said that, THAC0 is To Hit Armour Class Zero.  It's the
number that the character has to roll above on a twenty sided die to hit
someone.  That number is modified in the following way:
   hit if d20 > (THAC0 + Opponent's AC - bonus to hit).
         You want a lower thac0.

        Saving throws are basically the same type of thing, but used for
defense.  The lower these are, the better.  Each group of saving throws is
used for a specific category of defense - some are for poison and some for
generic magic use (fireball for example), others for breath weapons, and
so on.  The idea here is that if you make the saving throw (roll higher
than your saving throw on a d20) that you take half,quarter,none, of the
damage from what ever it was that was trying to cause harm to you.

        It might be better to change these to a percent, since it allows
for a little better fine-scale adjusting over 30 levels, much less 100.


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