[HELP]Need some definitions

From: Rob Baumstark (shirak@CONNECT.AB.CA)
Date: 06/16/98

I am currently in the process of patching from BPL12 to BPL13A, and I ran
into a small 66K .REJ file for class.c (No..., I did not patch it all by
hand yet)  As I was going through wondering why it is so big for a file that
doesn't have a lot of code in it (or didn't in BPL11/12 at least) I came
across the changes..., a few MASSIVE switch statements for Thac0, levels,
and saving throws (all times 4 for the stock classes, glad I didn't put in
the new ones yet)

Now..., when I added the extra 60 moral levels, I found it a real pain in
the ass to try to distribute the thac0 points over the same scale, and when
I got to the levels, I was so lazy I just gave all classes the same exp
needed (will have to change it eventually).  Now I come across another 1000
lines of saving throws for only 40 levels.

To the point of the message..., could someone please tell me exactly what
all these numbers are used for (good at coding..., not at D&D), and what the
acceptable values for them are, so that I can spend way more time that it
would take to type them to come up with some weird looking 10th power
function that calculates them, but only uses a few lines of code :)
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