Re: 'heavily modified'

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 06/17/98

Eduo wrote:
> The easiest way I see is a web site, not unlike MUD Connector, in which
> people can register their muds and only the ones reviewed would be listed
> (even those with low rates, or at least with ratings above 4, that would
> work as an incentive). A lot of testers could be working for the site
> (that is, to always have a handful, or three, to test some mud base).
> People that wanted to see rated or quality muds could go to this site and
> browser in the categories.
> This would also lend to people seeing the tendencies of the reviewers and
> knowing if their tastes are akin to their own and stuff like that.

The only bad part to all this, is if there are a few that judge the mud, it
is their view they are basing the decision on.

I for one do not like RACES in the mud, so if (hypothetical) I ever rate a
mud I would end up rating those with races lower. That would be one of the
first things I see when creating a character. I am not implying that the mud
is or is not well done because of it. Mainly my oppinion is different than
many others. I am sure everyone has thier own oppinion on how things should
be done, set up, run, etc..

I personnally dont like the rating idea, because someone who has put a lot of
time and efforts into thier mud which the judges may not like will be poorly

Everyone should judge the mud for themselves. Only they will determine if
they like it or not.

However, I propose the idea to have someone that is not associated with the
muds go in and review its features and report on it. It will give the player
a clear indication of what the mud has. Grouping the muds by content, size,
version or what ever would also be helpful. All this without any kind of
rating system.

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