Re: Compiling & spec_procs

From: Jon Nielsen (nikolai@MONTANA.COM)
Date: 06/23/98

I Chose No Name wrote:

> Okay, I'm running Win95, Microsoft Developer Studio Standard Edition
>'s exactly what I did:
> I unzipped circle, made a new project and all, inserted all the .c and .h
> files into the project, as well as wsock32.lib, and compiled and got that
> error.  Anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
Did you add wsock32.lib to the command-line thing? You have to do more than
just add it to the project. I haven't used VC++ in a while, but you have to
have it linked in on compile.

> Okay, I wanted to have some mobs do stuff when ppl enter the far,
> the only way i've found how to do it is..well, i havn't found one.  (maybe
> make a new command, ACMD(do_arrive) {} and have a command_interpreter(ch,
> "arrive") when they enter a room, and an if (IS_CMD("arrive")) in a spec
> proc??)  I was wondering if there's any nice, clean way to do this, or if that
> thing i just said works...not really sure, 'cause i can't test anything 'cause
> i can't compile :) thanks in advance for all the help i ((hope i will)) get
That wouldn't work. I think the IS_CMD macro is for what the player types
in the room with the spec_proc. You would have to make something that is
checked when someone enters the room. May I suggest MobProgs or, even
DG Scripts?

Jon Nielsen           
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one must observe."
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