Re: Clip Dependant weapons

From: The Mighty Mighty Bosstone (skaking@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 06/24/98

>The Mighty Mighty Bosstone wrote:
>> Ive seen the ranged weapon gun code. But its not what im looking for.
>> would like to see a gun code that invlved clips. You would have to go
>> a store buy a clip type load and whala you ammo... Ive seen it done
>> is it released?

>I started to code a futuristic mud where I had this type of system.
>What I did was add several new variables to the object structure,
>mainly increasing the value[4] array to value[8].
>Then for the weapon item types, I used one of these new slots to hold
>a bit if the gun had a magazine in it, and if so, the next slot
>how many bullets it had. Then your load/reload commands do all the
>checks like ammo type, size, and all that stuff. I got weapons working
>pretty good but once I got deeper into this mud, I ran into a lot of
>'brick walls' when trying to implement stuff. The circle combat system
>not structured well for a system of this nature. I wanted to implement
>cyclic rates, the ability to fire off several shots per round, delayed
>grenades, and all that stuff and I just lost interest in the whole
>To do a realitic setting with futuristic stuff, you would need to redo
>the whole combat system primarily the thac0, saving throw, and AC
>I also ran into a problem with mob AI, in a sense, since guns all have
>long ranges (well, longer than 1 mud room) you can shoot mobs in other
>rooms but getting the mobs to engage you from another room or enter
>room is possible but the method I came up with was real 'crusty' I like
>call it. It just seemed like a shitload of code for a small portion of
>the combat system.

Try this addy 1111 they have guns. its real
cool and just like i like em.

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