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From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 06/25/98

James Turner wrote:
> George <greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG> writes:
> > >But... that doesn't change that I've used freely distributed code.  In
> > >my mind, it becomes a question of ethics.  Is it fair to the Circle
> > >community to take but not give back?
> >
> > Is it fair? No, but I'd say most people don't give back.  I am happy to say
> > that people haven't been badgering me to finish any project though.  It's
> > counterproductive because then you make the person not want to finish it.
> Nah, it's definitely not fair.  But a lot do give back and we have a
> very rich community.  I wonder what could be done to make the
> community even better.  Perhaps more newbie support?  Nah, we don't
> want to be crutches for non-coders, which things might end up as.
> Anyone have any ideas?  It would be interesting to hear from the newer
> people to the list perhaps.  What are the weaknesses of the Circle community?

I will say this much, It is fair! If it was not, there would be no
reason to
post it and provide it on any site. Yet a lot of snippets are available
sites. Many players like certain features, it is benificial for everyone
to post the snippets that the players like so the coder's/administrators
or whomever can install them. Maybe with the attitudes lately we should
all install linux and develop our own muds, take circlemud code out
completely. Hell, your using freeware (or whateverware) and adding more
freeware to it. Is it is fair? Yes.

How about going back to DOS 5 or 6 and writing your own version of
Windows 95/98?

The weakness of the CircleMUD community, IMO is the lack of support for
the newbie!
Even if all newbies go out and buy a C book (for beginners), read ALL
the docs that come with mud, read all the FAQ's, etc... They still will
not understand it. Even after messing with the code for quite some time,
I do have a lot better understanding of what is going on, but I still do
not know how to do a lot of things. The books do not tell me how to do
it, the code does not tell me how, the docs do not tell me how, and so
far I have not gotten anyone to show me how either. I quit asking
because so many out there feel they will write the code for me. Hell.. I
never asked anyone to WRITE IT.. I asked for help on HOW to write it.
Time and time again, you see statements like "I was afraid to ask
because I am a newbie". They still don't ask.
You probably think, thats what the newbie list is for. I have not seen a
single message, question, post in a few weeks. I posted my question
there, and started to get some help, but the person who started to help
never replied to my last. I think that if most of the people on here can
get rid of this attitude of RTFM/RTFC/RTFFAQ and get rid of the
attitudes that they will write the code for someone and tell them HOW to
do it vice write it for them, the person asking will LEARN how to write
the code and in turn will be MORE willing to help the next person down
the road. Right now more and more are developing the bad attitudes,
because that is all they get from people on this list. Granted there are
a few on this list that don't fall into this catagory, so if *YOU* do
not have these attitudes.. do not take it personally! or think that I am
saying *YOU* do.

One last note:
For all of you who think it is not fair, I suggest removing circleMUD
and write your own. I will bet there is only ONE out there that would be
able to do it. A few others would make an attempt at it and give up. The
rest would not even attempt.

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